Run WEPP anywhere in the continental U.S. Elevation data from USGS National Elevation Set. TOPAZ for watershed delineation. Soils are build using SURGO/STATSGO. Landcover from USGS National Landcover dataset. Climates from CLIGEN.

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The WEPP Post-Fire Erosion Prediction (PEP) allows users to upload a burn severity map and predict erosion based on fire severity.

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Site Specific Resources

Lake Tahoe / West Tahoe Project

The Lake Tahoe Project incorporates region specific soil, phosphorus, and estimated soil burn severity.

View Results and Run WEPP

Coeur d'Alene Lake Interface

Provides access to running WEPP in the Coeur d'Alene Lake Basin.


Hazard SEES - FireEarth Project

Data portals related to the Hazard SEES - FireEarth Project

Portland Municipal Watersheds     Seattle Municipal Watersheds

WeppCloud Utilities

Combined Watershed Viewer URL Generator

Change Log

DateNotable Change
February 14, 2019Hazard SEES - FireEarth Data Portals added.
January 14, 2019Miscellaneous interface improvements and bug fixes.
December 3, 2018Bug fix for building DAYMET Climates with small extents.
November 2, 2018Changed default parameters for running TOPAZ and WEPP.
August 27, 2018Combined Watershed URL Generator. Ability to reassign landuse to different management. Zack Holden's WRF Precipitation dataset integrated into Debris Flow model over bounds of [-117.386, 34.694, 48.756, -96.980].
August 13, 2018Debris flow enhancements (liquid limit from surgo, SBS area based on grid).
July 31, 2018Fixed layout bug with screens with 1280px width.
July 30, 2018Updated phosphorus maps for Lake Tahoe. New WEPP binary to fix missing chanwb output. Bug fix for hillslope delineation in locations below 1m in elevation.
July 20, 2018frost submodule removed from hillslope processing. WEPP bug fix for empty chanwb outputs.
June 14, 2018Disturbed WEPP managements added to single landuse selection. Single landuse selection added. Support for 98.4 management files.
June 10, 2018Minor map and interface enhancements.
June 8, 20182006.2 WEPP soil support added, county level soil database for NSERL.
June 3, 2018Coeur d'Alene added.
May 31, 2018Lake Tahoe (LT) Homepage added.
May 18, 2018Observed climates for Lake Tahoe added to interface.
May 15, 2018WEPP runs hillslopes in parallel.
May 11, 2018Debris flow model added.
April 23, 2018Soil restrictive layer scaled by 1/100.
April 7, 2018Power User Panel added to interface.
April 5, 2018Total yearly water balance report.
April 4, 2018totalwatsed export added.
April 3, 2018Watershed preparation details added.
April 3, 2018Watershed preparation details added.
Mar 26, 2018Projects can be set READONLY and PUBLIC.
Mar 21, 2018Project archive export added.
Mar 20, 2018Return Period Analysis implemented.

Acknowledgements, Sponsors, and Collaborators:

This work was made possible by the NSF Idaho EPSCoR Program and by the National Science Foundation under award number IIA-1301792.
This work is supported by AFRI program [grant no2016-67020-25320/project accession no. 1009827] from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


Roger Lew, Mariana Dobre, William Elliot, Pete Robichaud, Erin Brooks, Anurag Srivastava, Jim Frakenberger